Welcome from the Ottawa County Patriots

Serving lakeshore area residents

Mission Statement

To influence policy and raise awareness on issues critical to our country, to our state and most importantly to our children and grand children.  By focusing on issues and education, we hope to enlighten voters to make informed decisions and effect the election of government officials who will defend and protect the original meaning of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
Overview: Forget the angry mob, aversion to all government, claims of racism, gun nuts, negativity and other falsehoods the media and left use to distort perception. Most important falsehood is we don’t know what we want. The real focus of the Tea Party can be summarized with three goals or principles. These are not fringe ideas but are consistent with sentiments held by the majority of voters. This is what Michiganders and Americans want yet don’t realize is identical to the goals of the Tea Party.

We believe in:

Fiscal Responsibility and smaller government

Constitutionality (as written)

Free Markets


While event information is posted on this site, the primary communication to Ottawa County Patriots members is via regular email. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list and get updates on special meetings and events planned by OCP, please visit the “contact” page and complete the form.

Non profit status:

Ottawa County Patriots  has applied for 501-3C status  and is awaiting (patiently) for IRS confirmation.

Party Affiliation:
Of note, our Tea Party and most nationwide, are non partisan by legal definition. We cannot endorse any candidate or party. Nor are we a political party. The great majority of tea party members strongly oppose the idea of a third party.  Our goal is working to insure the best, conservative candidates in both parties. “Working” means educating ourselves, understanding issues, positions and records of the candidates.

While conservatism places us closer to Republicans than Democrats, many of us are also critical of Republicans. We are about liberty, smaller government and return to constitutionality, not about a political party. There are those who say we are an arm of the Republican Party. THEY ARE WRONG.